A critical analysis of the five artificially extended Beatals 1960 rehearsal recordings.

Although evidenced as early as 1966, in the late 1980s, some of the earliest existing recordings of The Beatles surfaced on unauthorized record releases (bootlegs). These recordings are the only ones which feature original bassist Stuart Sutcliffe. They even pre-date Pete Best joining the band.

It is not clear as to exactly when or where these recordings were made but common opinion is that they were made at Paul's home during two gerneral time periods. During the last week of May 1960, the band toured Scotland as the backing band for singer Johnny Gentle (see here). It appears as though these recordings were made on either side of that tour, in April and June 1960 respectively.

For reasons unknown, five of the instrumental rehearsals have been artificially extended by repeating (looping) portions of the recording.
As John Winn put it, "...beyond the limits of human tolerance."

The goal of this section is to present the five extended performances in their actual length and provide a definitive analysis of the loops and the re-editing.

April 1960

instrumental #1

instrumental #2

instrumental #3

June 1960

instrumental #1

instrumental #2

Bonus Track

"Well, Darling" (complete)

found here
General Notes

Specs at a glance

These early recordings are most comprehensively found on the two unauthorized releases shown below.

For a complete analysis the the available recordings and the various releases see "Investigating the so-called "Quarrymen-Rehearsals"

Wildcat (Madman Records)

The Braun-Kirchherr Tapes (Batz Records)