I Want You (She's So Heavy)


Now HERE is an incredible Beatles collectible, an original UK Apple Records 10" Acetate (one sided) of an alternate version of "I Want You."

The version on this acetate is 3:31 versus the 7:47 version on Abbey Road. According to Mark Lewishon's

Beatles sessions book, this track was constructed from three different versions of the song, recorded from Feb. 22, 1969 to August 20, 1969. The August 20 session was very historic, as it was the last time all four

Beatles were in the recording studio at the same time. This acetate captures the work in progress, with a 3:31 segment of the song missing the first 13 seconds of psychedelic guitar at the beginning and the final 4:00 of the song. This is a mono rough mix, though of course the song was never released in mono nor with this mix. "The Complete Beatles Chronicles" book notes a Feb. 23 editing session fo this track and the preparation of "a rough mono mix for John to take away." The acetate grades visually in VG condition with scuffing and some light marks, but plays well with light surface noise. Included is a CD transfer of the acetate. (the label scan below is a bit lopsided, because it wouldn't fit flat on my scanner--sorry.)

This acetate comes with a certificate of authenticity from Perry Cox, world famous Beatles expert and author of "The Official Price Guide To Beatles Records and Memorabilia." (See this reproduced below--I have blurred Perry's address on the scan only, it appears on the actual COA.) As with everything we offer it is guaranteed authentic with no time limit. This came from an extremely large and long term European Beatles collection, and is as you might imagine incredibly rare.

Ken Scott, the legendary record producer and Beatles engineer told me the following about Beatles acetates: "Back in those days there were no cassettes, DATs or CDs and so the main way for artists and producers to be able to listen to something at home was through playback acetates. The number required varied. As did the persons receiving them. It could be producer, artist, arranger, publisher, DJ or sometimes even a promotion guy."

As this was a "work in progress" acetate, very few would have been made, only for the Beatles members and their very inner circle. An extraordinary opportunity !