What's The New Mary Jane?

Exact info for this specific disc is unknown.
This is a 10" disc.
It was offered at auction in late 2003.
The label style would indicate mid 1969 or later. Perhaps it's from either the 11 September or 26 November 1969 sessions (see below).

An acetate of RS4-6 (26 November 1969) can be heard on "Acetates Collection" from Unicorn Records. That disc is described as a "Cutting Room Inc." disc. If that's the case and based on the label design, this disc must originate from the 11 September 1969 session.

An acetate cut in late November - early December 1969 can be seen. (here)

Additional mixes can be heard on

"EMI Outakes" (vinyl)
"Mary Jane" (Apples 1002)
These are likely (RM1? 3:15) from 14 August 1968 although it is stereo (this is likely the acetate mentioned above).

"Turn Me On Dead Man"
"Another Sessions...Plus"
(both on Vigotone Records)
These are likely (take 4 RS1 and RS2)
from 14 October 1968.

"Unsurpassed Masters Vol 4"
(Yellow Dog Records)
This is possibly one of RS1-3 from 11 September 1969.

Geoff Emerick did a drastic remix in 1982.
This was featured on "Anotholgy 3".
However, this is unrelated to this disc.

(as listed by John Barrett)

14 August 1968

E68949 4T
(TK1-TK4) B

E69229 A
(remix) (RM1)


26 September 1968
E70430 A
(RM1-RM2) B

14 October 1968
E70663 Z (RS2) B

11 September 1969
E93375 Z


26 November 1969
(Barrett does not list any activity.
This is listed from Lewisohn.)
stereo mixing with SI (RS5)
editing (RS5) as (RS6)
tape copying with simultaneous overdub
(RS4 into RS5)

26 June 1971
E103378 4T