Octopus's Garden
Her Majesty

I have no info for this specific disc. It must date post 2 July 1969 and "Octopus's Garden" would surely be one of the mixes from 29 April or 18 July 1969

According to Lewisohn, there were two complete takes of "Her Majesty". It seems likely that the two tracks found on this disc are those two take. This lends hope that an alternate take of the song will surface someday.


26 April 1969
E91351 8T
Octopus's Garden (TK1-TK11)

26 April 1969
E91352 8T
Octopus's Garden (TK12-TK28)

26 April 1969
29 April 1969
17 July 1969
18 July 1969
E91353 8T
Octopus's Garden (TK29-TK32) B

29 April 1969
E91460 Z (remix)
Octopus's Garden (FROM 8T - TK32)
(RS1-RS4) B

30 April 1969
E91459 A Sound Effects

2 July 1969
E92839 8T
Her Majesty (TK1-TK3)

18 July 1969
E94146 A (remix)
Octopus's Garden (RM1-RM7) B

18 July 1969
[E94147] Z (remix)
Octopus's Garden (RS10-RS14) B

30 July 1969
E92938 Z (remix)
Her Majesty (RS1)

The following two items are irrelavant here but I've chosen to include them. They originate from Ringo's overdub sessions for a television broadcast.

2 December 1969
E95184 Z
Octopus's Garden

8 December 1969
E95350 2T
Octopus's Garden (2T-2T + S/I) (TK1-TK10) B (15 IPS COPY TAKEN BY GORDON COX)