Across The Universe

Info for this specific disc is unknown. It was auctioned on eBay in October 2004. Based on the label style, the disc would seem to originate from late 1968 - early 1969.

Perhaps this is the acetate heard on Nagra reel 68A from the 7 January 1969 Twickenham sessions. However, it seems possible that it could come from the 2 October 1969 mixing session. However, the type written label could indicate a 1970 date

According to the auction description, the audio is different.

The auction gave little information. It stated that it is a 10" disc and " Diese Version unterscheidet sich von der normalen". This was translated for me, "This version differs from the "normal" (version)".

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4 February 1968
E67494 4T
Across The Universe (WILDLIFE VERSION) (TK1-TK2) b

4 February 1968
8 February 1968
E67496 4T
Across The Universe (WILDLIFE VERSION) (4T-4T) (TK8) B

8 February 1968
E67489 A (remix)
*Across The Universe (WILDLIFE VERSION) (FROM 4T TK8) (RM1-RM2) B

13 March 1969
AR 13736 A
Across The Universe - WILDLIFE VERSION
this is a compilation reel...what mix was used?

2 October 1969
E93478 Z (remix)
Across The Universe (RS1-RS2) (ED) B
according to Lewisohn, RS2 was used on the charity album

[from Lewisohn - Barrett does not list]
5 January 1970
Across The Universe (RS3)
this would be Glyn's 2nd "GB" compilation

Enter Phil Spector:

23 March 1970
E97102 Z
Across The Universe

1 April 1970
E97257 8T
Across The Universe
(Note Barrett lists this reel E97357.
This reel can be seen - here)

2 April 1970
E97136 Z
Across The Universe

2 April 1970
E97137 Z
Across The Universe