Across The Universe

This disc was auctioned on eBay in August 2005. However, it's been documented for some time.

The auction description below offers nothing in the way of valid info (it even includes several inaccuracies.

Although I've included this in the 1968 section (because that's when the basic tracks were recorded), it's difficult to discern just when this acetate was cut.

The E.M.I. tape logs reveal only two reels which feature mono mixes. Reel E67489, from
8 February 1968 contains RM1 and RM2. Reel AR 13736 from 13 March contains a mono mix which was intended for an unissued double 7" EP of Yellow Submarine tracks with "Across The Universe" as a bonus. However, there is no indication if it is a new mix or one of the mixes from E67489.

The "Jan-Feb." notation on the label further adds to the mystery. With the exceptions of work done for the World Wildlife Fund album in October 1969 and Phil Spector's mixes from March 1970, all work on this song was done in February 1968.

On the other hand, an acetate was heard during the Twickenham rehearsals in January 1969 and Glyn Johns did a (stereo) remix in January 1970.

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4 February 1968
E67494 4T
Across The Universe (WILDLIFE VERSION) (TK1-TK2) b

4 February 1968
8 February 1968
E67496 4T
Across The Universe (WILDLIFE VERSION) (4T-4T) (TK8) B

8 February 1968
E67489 A (remix)
*Across The Universe (WILDLIFE VERSION) (FROM 4T TK8) (RM1-RM2) B

13 March 1969
AR 13736 A
Across The Universe - WILDLIFE VERSION
this is a compilation reel...what mix was used?

2 October 1969
E93478 Z (remix)
Across The Universe (RS1-RS2) (ED) B
according to Lewisohn, RS2 was used on the charity album

[from Lewisohn - Barrett does not list]
5 January 1970
Across The Universe (RS3)
this would be Glyn's 2nd "GB" compilation

Enter Phil Spector:

23 March 1970
E97102 Z
Across The Universe

1 April 1970
E97257 8T
Across The Universe
(Note Barrett lists this reel E97357.
This reel can be seen - here)

2 April 1970
E97136 Z
Across The Universe

2 April 1970
E97137 Z
Across The Universe


*RARE* *Beatles*Across The Universe, Acetate! 7 inch

First ever recording of this song at the apple studios!

This is a very special listing, It is for the very first recording of *The Beatles* song *Across the universe*

This is an *Acetate* recording!

It says in The Beatles anthology that the song Across the universe was never going to be released and was just going to be kept as a song The Beatles may release.

They eventually released the song,This auction is for the original in the studio demo

It comes in a black sleeve with Apple written on the front and back and a clear sleeve protects this.

The actual record has a green *Apple corpo ltd, 3 savile row london W1*. This goes around the top of the record and at the bottom it says *Custom recording*

The record has an apple on the front of it and inside the apple it says ''Across the universe'' The Beatles (Mono)

Jan-Feb is hand written on the record I believe this was written by one of the Beatles as this record was given to me by a friend who worked with The Beatles at the Apple studios.

The record plays perfectly!

This is very rare and this is the only one avaliable!

*It can be seen in many record magazines as one of the most wanted*