John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band

This disc was auctioned in December 2004 and probably dates from December 1970.
I have no more info than provided by the auction description. It can be assumed that this is the standard released mix


Sam Feldman Acetates, Beatles Records,

1970. “John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band” was Lennon’s highly personal, introspective (and some say best) album. This undated metal acetate has Bell Sound Studios (New York) labels and appears to be the final released version of the album. A Bell Sound labeled acetate is probably almost as rare as an Apple Records labeled acetate and both are highly collectable. Included is a Bell Sound custom cover. Disc VG-, Cover M-.

Christie's Nov 21, 2005
Lot Description John Lennon

A double-sided twelve-inch acetate for the 1970 Capitol Records album Plastic Ono Band, the Bell Sound Studios Inc. label with typescript artist and track listing with slight alterations to two of the song titles Hold On John and God (The Dream Is Over)

Provenance The Estate Of Sam Feldman.


Recorded September - October 1970.