Hollywood Bowl
(23 August 1964)

(As presented by John Barrett and Mark Lewisohn. Scroll down for the history of this
specific disc.)

24 August 1964
E94024 1/2" 3T
(Note: This reel number would indicate
a mid 1969 date. Perhaps that is the
source for the dating error on this reel.)

[27 August 1964?
Capitol Records
Hollywood, California]


The mix noted above is stereo but the acetates are folded to mono. The first unauthorized appearance of the 1964 show was in 1970 on the vinyl album "Shea, The Good Old Days" on ContraBand Music Records. This, and many subsequent releases, were sourced from these early acetates.

In 1993, Yellow Dog Records released "Hollywood Bowl Complete" from an excellent quality mono tape.

In 1997, Midnight Beat Records released "The Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts 1964-65" from an excellent and complete stereo tape.

This is probably the most bootlegged of all Beatles' Concerts.

For further history of the Hollywood Bowl recordings, see the 1969 acetate
here and the 1977 test pressing here.


The acetate shown here was listed on eBay in December 2003 by a seller from Switzerland.
It sold for $6500.00.



This is IT! The full length ORIGINAL live recording of the Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl on 23 August 1964. This is a two sided, 33rpm original Capitol Mono B acetate, that was originally owned by no other than Beatles manager Brian Epstein! It came to the collector world via the legendary Beatles expert and author ("How they became the Beatles") Gareth Pawlowski, who bought the acetate collection of the late Brian Epstein from Brian's mother Queenie Epstein.

Most of these acetates featured released versions, but there were two exceptions: The acetates of the legendary Hollywood Bowl 1964 concert, one the original mono mix from September 1964, the other a stereo remix from 1966. When Gareth Pawlowski died in 1994, the most important pieces of his collection where auctioned off by LA specialist store Rockaway Records. I won the mono Hollywood Bowl acetate and have preserved it well ever since. Now its time to part again.

The acetate is graded at VG. It plays astonishingly well, although there are the usual crackles and pops that are typical for acetates, but as this is a LOUD and LIVE recording, this does not disturb. The acetates has a slight warp, which is also typical for acetates and means, that you have to put a little more weight than usual to play it. Once done, the acetate plays perfectly through and delivers a huge and direct sound. The labels look perfect and fresh (see pics) and also featured is the original Transco sleeve, that features some technical details and the date of the final control (16/9/64) for Brian Epstein.

The acetate also comes with full documentation of the sale in 1994 and two photocopies of Record Collector and Discoveries magazines, where the sale and the said acetate is mentionned.

The acetate features the full 29 minutes of the Hollywood Bowl concert from 1964, from the announcement til the end, and has 12 tracks and all the stage comments from John, Paul, George and Ringo. Track listing is Twist and Shout, You Cant Do That, All My Loving, She Loves You, Things We Said Today, Roll Over Beethoven, Cant Buy Me Love, If I Fell, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Boys, Hard Day's Night and Long Tall Sally.

Capitol gave the live recording a project number (4877, as mentionned on the labels) and the recording was mixed by Capitol producer Voyle Gilmore and balance engineer Hugh Davies. However, Brian Epstein, George Martin and the Beatles were not fully satisfied with the results and the project was stopped ?

The acetate of Brian Epstein was one of the only documents of the original recording. In May 1977 half of the 1964 concert was featured on the heavily edited "Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl" LP. The other half was from the 1965 show at the same venue.

Needless to say, this is one of the rarest Beatle records in existance, and with it's full documentation and provenance a unique piece of pop history. For more info see Mark Lewisohn "The Complete Beatles Chronicle", page 170 and 171.

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