Leave My Kitten Alone

This is a 10" disc with an unusual blue label.
I haven't seen anything like this. It was auctioned in May 2004 but no other info
or better photo was provided.

This would certainly be take 4 but apparently no vintage mix exists. Perhaps this disc originates from a 1976 remix (see below).


14 August 1964
E53615 4T
Leave My Kitten Alone (TK1-TK5) B
See this reel - here

23 April 1976
(Z) Leave My Kitten Alone (MONO)

-also on this reel-
(Z) Xmas Record (MONO)
(A) Dig A Pony

NOTE: The purpose of this second reel is uncertain. It certainly has an odd selection of songs. Also, the codes that Barrett uses for this reel are unusual. Typically, the "A" designation indicates "mono" and the "Z" indicates stereo. In this case, he uses a "Z"
but then indicates mono for the mix. Then uses "A" with no further indication".