Please Please Me

The disc is an acetate for Capitol's 1965 green "Starline" label release of this recording. Based on the auction description below, it seems likely that Capitol acquired not only the rights to this recording but also the Vee Jay Records' "mother" pressing plates.

As described below, the most interesting thing about this disc is that the recording includes a count-in.

Bruce Spizer describes this type of Capitol label as originally used in the 1950s. But around 1965, apparently, Capitol began to use these labels again.


This is a very rare 10" Acetate on Capitol records of the Beatles classic hit "Please Please Me."

CONDITION IS EXCELLENT. This is one of the rarest versions of any Beatles' song that I have ever heard !! The version on this acetate has a countdown intro where a male voice says, "one, two, three, four" == which was later trimmed off every version ever offered for sale. These rare four words actually create another version of this classic song. Please feel free to call me and I will play it for you over the phone. [Chazz's note: regretably I didn't do that].

Only the inner seven inches of the acetate is cut. The outer portion is blank. The "B" side is blank.There is a green and white label which reads-"Capitol Pro-Disc Hollywood". The label itself has the time,title,label number and group handwritten in dark blue.

The time of the record is two minutes and four seconds. The Number of the record is 6063. The matrix number etched-in reads- 2967-REF. So obviously this is a reference disc-not necessarily meant to be released to the public. This is also the same matrix number on the Vee Jay 45 so I hypothesize that this is the master that Vee Jay had to send to Capitol Records when Vee Jay had to give up rights to the song...The actual 45 was released in 1965 on the green swirl Capitol label...

This is an Audiodisc master acetate in which the sleeve reads-"New York 22, New York". So therefore,the sleeve was printed before 1964. This gives credibility to the item not being recently configured. I obtained the acetate from the estate of one of the former owners of the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. The acetate was given to him by Derek Taylor who was the Beatles' Press Secretary. It was given to him as a gift/inducement in order for him to spotlight one of Mr. Taylor's lesser known groups.


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