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Beatles/Beach Boys 'Teen Fair '

Final Bid: $10,408.00

1964 33 1/3 RPM 8 Inch Capitol (No #) (Acetate) VG-EX 6

This unique Capitol Records acetate features phone interviews from March 11, 1964 with all four beatles, Brian Wilson, and Dick Dale. The interview was done as a promotion for the California Teen Fair. The recording features a full six minutes of verbal interplay between John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, and Dick Dale. Comments include Brian Wilson saying how much he likes the Beatles music and Dick Dale commenting on the Beatles' haircuts. The Beatles discuss the filming of their upcoming movie, which they said still didn't have a title. The movie they talked about was of course Hard Day's Night.

This incredible piece of Rock n Roll history is a living testament to the enthusiasm engendered in the early stages of Beatlemania. We believe this is not only the only known copy of this acetate, it is very likely the only acetate made of this interview. A totally unique item and certainly one of the most important records we have ever seen or handled.


BBC news

Sunday, 18 November, 2001, 14:01 GMT
Beatles recording fetches $10,000

The Beatles made the recording in 1964

A recorded six-minute chat between the Beatles and the Beach Boys has fetched $10,400 in an online auction this week.

The conversations were recorded on an acetate disc in 1964 - which was bought for just $5 (£3.40) at a Los Angeles flea market earlier this year.

Auction site Collectors Universe in California did not release the name of the winning bidder.

But a spokesman explained why the recording would be considered so valuable by pop memorabilia enthusiasts.


Hear a short excerpt of this disc - here

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A rare recorded chat between THE BEATLES and the BEACH BOYS is expected to sell for around £5,000 in an online auction this week.

The conversation, recorded onto acetate in 1964, was bought for $5 at a market in California earlier this year. On the recording, Beach Boy Brian Wilson is heard joking with John Lennon about The Beatles hair and clothes. They also discuss The Beatles untitled forthcoming film. The film would become 'A Hard Day's Night'.

The recordings were made during a simultaneous telephone interview with the two bands as promotion for a Hollywood event.

"It's interesting because the interview was recorded at the height of their fame, and The Beatles and the Beach Boys were big mutual fans of each other's music, as different as they were," said Mr Gioia, of auctioneers Collectors Universe Inc. told the BBC. "It's fun to listen to, it's a real stitch," he added.

A fan spotted the record with its typewritten label in a box at a flea market in Newport Beach near Los Angeles. The auction closes tomorrow (November 14). Fans can make their bid at www.collectors.combr>

Published: 13-11-2001-12-22
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Auctioned again by It's Only RnR in
December 2005


Beatles/Beach Boys/Dick Dale
Teen Fair Acetate - Only Known Copy

1964. Beginning March 15th, 1964, KFWB radio in Los Angeles sponsored a week long "Teen Fair" at the Hollywood Palladium. The event was basically a music and pop culture festival with various vendors and non-stop music. Dick Dale & His Del-Tones played every day with various special guests performing, including Jackie Deshannon, The Crickets, Fabian, Frankie Avalon, The Righteous Brothers, Paul Petersen and others. There were also exhibits such as James Darren's $18,000 surf buggy and a futuristic George Barris car. A few days before the event, as a promotion for the fair (and their label's artists), Capitol Records' Jack Wagner set up a conference call telephone interview with The Beatles, Dick Dale, and Brian Wilson. Apparently, this interview was played many times at the Capitol Records booth at the fair. At auction here is the original 8" metal acetate of that interview. It has a yellow "Capitol Custom" label on one side (the same label was most likely on the other side as well but is no longer there). It plays the same interview on both sides. Although apparently scripted, it's a very entertaining interview narrated by Jack Wagner with some Beatles, Beach Boys & Dick Dale song snippets. The six minutes of verbal interplay between all four Beatles, Brian Wilson and Dick Dale is precious. Brian comments about how much he likes the Beatles' music and he and Dick Dale discuss the Beatles' haircuts. They also give their opinions about the Beatles' suits. The Beatles talk about their as-yet unnamed film which they had just begun filming. Of course, this film was to be "A Hard Day's Night". At the end of the disc, Jack Wagner announces that now that you've listened to this interview, you can go vote for which of these artists is your favorite and be entered in a contest. This acetate, which apparently is the only known copy, was discovered at a flea market in Los Angeles in 2001 and auctioned by Good Rockin Tonight. The final bid price at that time was $10,408. The successful bidder is now proudly offering this historic acetate for sale here with no hidden reserve. The acetate has some writing on the label. It also has a warp, but it plays fine. Includes the original "Audiodiscs" acetate sleeve. Disc VG.

BEGINNING MARCH 15, 1964, KFWB RADIO ON LOS Angeles sponsored a week long TEEN FAIR AT THE HOLLYWOOOD PALLADIUM. THE EVENT WAS BASICALLY A MUSC AND POP CULTURE FESTIVAL WITH VARIOUS VENDORS AND NON-STOP MUSIC. DICK DALE AND HIS DEL-TONES PLAYED EVERY DAY WITH SPECIAL GUESTS PERFORMING INCLUDING JACKIE DESHANNON, THE CRICKETS, FABIAN, FRANKIE AVALON, THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHER, PAUL PETERSEN AND OTHERS. THERE WERE ALSO EXHIBITS SUCH AS JIMMY DARREN'S $18,000 SURF BUGGY AND A FURURISTIC GEORGE BARRIS CAR. A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT, AS A PROMOTION FOR the FAIR, JACK WAGNER OF CAPITOL RECORDS SET UP A CONFERENCE CALL TELEPHONE INTERVIEW WITH THE BEATLES, DICK DALE, AND BRIAN WILSON. APPARENTLY THIS WAS PLAYED AT THE CAPITOL RECORDS BOOTH AT THE FAIR. IT PLAYS THE SAME INTERVIEW ON BOTH SIDES. THE SIX PLUS MINUTES OF VERBAL INTERPLAY BETWEEN ALL FOUR BEATLES, BRIAN WILSON, AND DICK DALE IS PRECIOUS. BRIAN COMMENTS ABOUT HOW MUCH HE LIKES THE BEATLES' MUSIC; HE AND DICK DALE DISCUSS THE BEATLES' HAIRCUTS. THEY ALSO GIVE THEIR OPINION ABOUT THE BEATLES' SUITS. THE BEATLES TALK ABOUT THEIR AS-YET UNNAMED FILM WHICH THEY HAD JUST BEGUN FILMING. OF COURSE, THIS FILM WAS TO BE a hard days night. At the end of the disc, jack wagner announces that now thay we have listened to this interview, we can go vote for which of these artists is our favorite and be entered in a contest. This acetate, which is the only known copy, was found in 2001 and auctioned by Good Rockin' Tonight in Irvine, The winning bid at that auction was $10,408. The current owner is proudly offering this historic acetate for sale here on EBAY. The yellow label has two numerals written in the open space to the right of the spindle hole. The record has a small warp, but it plays fine! It comes with the original audiodiscs' acetate sleeve. Record is in solid VG condition. It has been recently graded by Wayne and Gary Johnson at Rockaway Records in Glendale. It was consigned in the its_only_rock_n'_roll.com December 2005 auction, Lot 1250