Beatle Tour

During their 1965 North American tour
(13 August - 1 September) , The Beatles were accompanied by Chicago and Cleveland broadcast personality, Jerry G. Bishop. Bishop conducted and recorded a variety interviews with The Beatles.

Capitol then proposed a documentary album as a follow-up to their 1964 double LP, The Beatles Story. Based on the contents of this acetate, the proposed LP was probably planned for release in late 1965 or early 1966 as a vehicle to promote a 1966 tour. However, and ironically, the acetate was not cut until 26 September 1966 - after The Beatles had retired from touring. It isn't clear why the acetate was cut at such an out-of-date time. Also, it isn't clear when the LP was actually mixed and assembled

Two copies of this acetate are know to exist. Currently, one is in the U.S. and the other is in Canada. The one seen here is probably the U.S. disc. All of the interview material found on this disc is also found on the 1982 release, The Beatles Talk With Jerry G. and the 1983 release, The Beatles Talk With Jerry G. Vol. 2.

A recording of one of the two acetates circulate among collector. It isn't certain which one is the source of the recording. A copy of this recording will, periodically be featured here.

See below for a list of contents.

In an interview with Goldmine magazine,
Bruce Spizer reveals the following info:

Goldmine: You documented surviving acetates and stories behind a few Beatles albums that Capitol prepared, but did not release.

Spizer: "[An] interesting acetate was for a single LP from 1966 called Beatle Tour. It was similar in style and format to The Beatles Story, mixing music by the Hollyridge Strings with interviews of the members of the band. I don't know if that was going to be an official release or just a promo album.


(I don't know how these topics are
individually banded on the discs)

Childhood - Paul, John, George, Ringo
Musical beginnings - John, George
What if The Beatles hadn't happened -
Opinions of Beatlemania - Ringo, John
Comments about last San Fransisco concert
31 August 1965 - John
Being labeled "The Quiet Beatle" - George
The business end of Beatlemania - George

Individual personalities - Paul
Marriage - John
Parenthood - Ringo
Bachelor Beatles, engagment rumors
and marriage preperations -
George, Paul. John, Ringo
The Beatles' music and future - John
Writing successful songs - George
Protest songs - Ringo
Humor and jokes - Paul
Dogs and pets - Ringo, Paul
"Yesterday" - Ringo, Paul
Flying - George
Goodbyes - John, Ringo, Paul, George

Jerry G. interviews The Beatles.

Alternate photo of Side One.