Like Dreamers Do
(The Applejacks)

Sold on ebay August 2005. This disc was certainly produced for The Applejacks June 1964 Decca Records single.


APPLEJACKS:Like Dreamers Do
Dick James ACETATE Beatles

Record Size: Single (7-Inch)
Speed: 45 RPM

One-sided Dick James Music Limited 7" Acetate of Lennon & McCartney song!!

This is an original 1964 acetate of the Applejacks' cover of a Lennon & McCartney song, unrecorded by The Beatles. It probably one of a kind, or at least there can't be too many knocking about; is in pretty good shape for it's age, and would make a nice addition to any Beatles/60's pop collection

Condition of record: Very Good. The disc has a few marks on the playing surface, but it plays fine. The custom label has the playing speed, title and artist typewritten in the appropriate places and is clean except for a 'V' written in blue ballpoint just above the 'K' of 'Dick James' (see scan).

Condition of sleeve: Excellent. It is a plain white paper die-cut sleeve, with no tears or creases.