Can't Buy Me Love
You Can't Do That

This disc appears to be both of the same mixes as used in the UK. However, Can't Buy Me Love has an erronious piece of what appears to be "sped up" engineers talk that seems to say "OK boys , lets roll it"

The owner of this disc relates this story, "I bought it about 12 years ago from a guy who'd won it in many years previous at a Village Hall raffle .....2nd prize!!!"

"I quized the guy at the time about what the 1st prize was and to the best of his memory it was a bottle of Whisky ...sometimes it's better to come second !"


29 January 1964
(PATHE MARCONI Studio, Paris)
E51590 4T
Can't Buy Me Love (TK1-TK4) B

25 February 1964
E51860 4T
You Can't Do That (TK1-TK9) B

20 March 1964
TL14212 A/B
Can't Buy Me Love (7XCE 17657)
You Can't Do That (7XCE 17658)

Additional info from the owner:

"As already explained and you have put on your site I bought this about 10-12 years ago from a local guy who answered my advert put up in a local newsagents with me asking to buy original Beatles memoribillia / Demos etc. He rang me to ask if I wanted to buy a "Demo" he'd had for a while , and I nearly had a heart-attack when I turned up to find it was an original acetate."

I paid £250 for it as he had recently had it valued by "Sotherbys" (A renown London auction house) they had valued it at £350 for insurance purposes , yet didn't deem it important enough / in good enough condition to accept it into one of their London auctions (their loss ,my gain) ....Its only in "Good" condition as it does have a small ammount of white "waxy" film over it (in common with a lot of acetates I've seen of this age) and a couple of light edge chips on the lead-in grooves that reveales its metal core."

But it plays great (I know you shouldn't play them) with no "skips or jumps" and that great erroneous bit of sped-up engineers speak at the beginning "OK Boy, lets roll it" that differenciates it from its official release."

This is the record that when I questioned the owner of its origins he told me he had won in a village-hall raffle prize (2nd prize) ....I still have the documentaion (somewhere!!!) that originally came with it , albeit its only a hand-written note asking the future "winner" to look after it."