Day Tripper
We Can Work It Out

Source of the following info is unknown.

Approximate appraised value would be between $250 - 400.00 American currency.

Sometimes Beatle collectors can get really lucky once in a while in where they find rare collectors items by the FABS.! Our correspondent Steve from Australia recently came across a rare demo copy of the Beatles "Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out" issued by Dick James Music.

Steve writes:

"As for where I bought it - we have a small local shopping mall near my home, most of the stores are closed on Sundays so once each month they hold an arts & crafts / flea market in the centre. Last weekend amongst the stalls was a lady selling a few books, odds & ends and a couple of 45s. I looked at the records out of curiosity - I knew what a demo was and figured a Beatles demo has to be reasonably rare. I bought it thinking I might have found a bit of British music history in my local mall - a not inconsiderable achievement when you realize my local mall is in North Queensland, Australia!"

For an E.M.I. acetate of "We Can Work It Out" see here


16 October 1965
E57715 4T
Day Tripper (TK1-TK3) B

20 October 1965
20 October 1965
29 October 1965
E57716 4T
We Can Work It Out (TK1-TK2) B

25 October 1965
E57541 A (remix)
Day Tripper (FROM TK3) (RM1) B

26 October 1965
E57542 Z (remix)
Day Tripper (FROM TK3 ON E57715-4T) (RS1)

28 October 1965
E58038 A (remix)
We Can Work It Out
(SCRAPPED 26 JUN 1966)

29 October 1965
E58112 A
We Can Work It Out (RM1) B
(RM2) (FOR TV)
Day Tripper (RM2) (FOR TV)
(RM3) B

November 1965
E57727 Z (remix)
We Can Work It Out (RS1) B

10 November 1966
E62241 Z
*Day Tripper (FROM TK3) (RS2) B
* We Can Work It Out (RS2) B

3 December 1965
TL25222 S
We Can Work It Out (7XCE 18341)
Day Tripper (7XCE 18342)