Lady Madonna

Auctioned in 2004. Otherwise, info unknown. It can be assumed this is the standard mono single mix.

See a Capitol acetate - here


One of only a handful of test pressings to survive, a high condition example such as this should hasten any Beatles collector's heart. Pressed at the EMI plant using genuine Parlophone stampers, the above disc comes directly from Britian with but light surface lines upon otherwise glossy vinyl, and mild label discoloration. A rare opportunity for the Beatles completist.


3 February 1968
E67494 4T
Lady Madonna (TK1-TK3) b

6 February 1968
E67117 4T
Lady Madonna (4T-4T) (TK4) b

E67488 4T
Lady Madonna (4T-4T + O/D) (TK5) B

E67489 A
Lady Madonna (RM1-RM2) B

15 February 1968
E67524 A (remix)
Lady Madonna (FROM E67488 TK5)
(RM3-RM10) (TK2 OR TK10) B

15 March 1968
TL18876 S
Lady Madonna (7XCE 18438)

2 December 1969
E95182 Z (remix)
Lady Madonna (4T-Z) (RS1) B