Beatles For Sale

This is probably the standard released mixes however the auction description below states it is mono (the disc was also auctioned in April 2005 where is was also described as mono) but the YEX matrix should indicate stereo.

The stereo mix is from reel TL15237 "BEATLES FOR SALE" (YEX 142/3). The mono mix is from reel TL15445 LP "BEATLES FOR SALE" (XEX 503/4) which Barrett dates both as 4 December 1964
(NOTE: the disc says November '64).

Auctioned in 2003


What an opportunity for Beatles collectors, so many great acetates! This six-track 10" acetate features original monaural mixes of tunes found on the "Beatles for Sale" LP. The acetate hailed originally from England and apparently came from an engineer at Abbey Roads studio. Condition/fidelity remain exceptionally strong.

Tracks are as follow:

"No Reply"
"I'm A Loser"
"Baby"s in Black"

"Every Little Thing"
"I Don"t Want to Spoil the Party"
"What You"re Doing."

The disc was auctioned in late 2004 but no additional info was provided.

Auctioned again in April 2005 with this additional info:

"Beatles For Sale" Mono Acetate. This 10" acetate was made in 1964 and used in a recording class in the late '70s by an engineer that had worked at Abbey Road. In VG condition with a very small bubble on the surface before the first track that does not affect play.

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