Another Girl
This disc was auctioned by Christies in September 2005. I have no info for this specific disc. other thatn what is presented by the auction description.

It seems logical that thsi is RM1. However, a point of interest is the 2:00 time length of this disc as opposed to the 2:05 on the acetate seen here.

That probably doesn't indicate an alternate mix but simply some variable such as a slight inaccuracy between the timings, an early fade-otu or a variance in the tape speed.


A single-sided 7" acetate, the white Emidisc label inscribed in blue ballpoint pen in an unknown hand Another Girl, The Beatles


15/16 February 1965
E55317 4T
Another Girl (TK1-TK2) (TK1) B

19 February 1965
E55324 A (remix)
Another Girl (RM1) B

23 February 1965
E55435 Z (remix)
Another Girl (FROM TK1 ON E55317-4T)
(RS1) B