Drive My Car

This disc was auctioned on eBay in October 2005


Item location: Stamford, United Kingdom
Record Size: Single (7-Inch)
Speed: 45 RPM

This is an original blank one sided demo for DRIVE MY CAR. This will have been pressed at EMI studios during the Rubber Soul sessions of Nov 1965. The version does appear to be the same mix as the mono original. The authenticity of this disc is explained below.

This copy belonged to Millie Kendall who was Paul McCartney's Auntie (the sister of Jim, Paul's Dad) and was given to me by her when I was eight in 1981. Millie and her sister Gin were friends of my Nana during the second world war and we often visited them as children with my Mum and Nana. On a couple of occasions, Millie let me take a single from her collection in her wardrobe, which included many many acetates sent to her by Paul during the 60's, both with and without labels. I chose this one and a She Loves you(on DJM label) which I am also listing right now.

The reserve on this is a reflection that I have had this valued by Christies about 3 years ago and was given an estimate at auction of £550-£600 althought they did say that it's hard to give an estimate on real curios like this.