George Harrson and The Beatles

I've placed this is the 1967 section solely because of the song selection. The latest songs featured are from 1967. However, this disc, if it is authentic, could come from
anytime thereafter.

This is a very strange disc indeed. One expert feels this is possibly a fake or perhaps some engineer cut this disc for himself (i.e. not an officially considered release). It seems unlikely that John, Paul and Ringo would have approved of a George Harrison album which utilized Beatles' performances. Likewise, it seems unlikely that EMI would have been considering a separate release for each Beatle.

It might be possible this has something to do with the later release, "The Best Of George Harrison" but that, too, seems unlikely because it doesn't include any of George's 1968 or 1969 songs which were among the best of his Beatles days. But, perhaps, this was intended to be a two disc set.

The scans were contributed
by Chip Madinger.