Love Me Do

I have no info on this specific disc. There is no way to tell if "2nd Version" indicates Ringo's version or Andy White's version.


6 Jun 1962
E47052 A 2T
Love Me Do (2.)
[Pete Best version]

4 September 1962
E47730 A
Love Me Do

4 September 1962
E47776 A
Love Me Do (1.)

11 September 1962
E47852 A
Love Me Do [REMAKE]

5 October 1962
TL14063 S
Love Me Do (7XCE 17144) M
[NOTE: This reel originally contained Ringo's version but was replaced by Andy White's version.]

25 February 1963
E48979 A
Love Me Do (Mock ST?)
(TK19) (ST ONLY) M