Ringo's Theme (This Boy)
And I Love Her
(The George Martin Orchestra)

I know this isn't exactly a Beatles acetate but, what the heck. This disc was auctioned on eBay in March 2005. They are probably the standard mono mix as found on the U.S. A Hard Day's Night soundtrack Album.


The Beatles (Related)
Mega Rare Acetate 45 1964

Speed: 45 RPM
Record Size: 7"


This is a rare English acetate 45 pressed in 1964 on the Emidisc label.

Side 1: Ringo's Theme
Side 2: And I Love Her

Record is graded G PLUS
and comes in plain white sleeve. Does have surface noise but is still reasonably enjoyable to listen to. Here is your chance to be the owner of this Beatles related acetate. As you will probably know acetates were made in tiny amounts, usually one for each member of the band and one or two for other people. The two tracks on this record can be heard on the soundtrack for the movie "A Hard Days Night".

"Ringo's Theme" is actually "This Boy" and was used to accompany Ringo in one of his scenes in the movie. Both tracks were released in England as a 45 in 1964 by George Martin and His Orchestra (the Beatles producer).