"This Bird Has Flown"
(Norwegian Wood)

I have no specific info for this disc. It was auctioned in early 2004. The date written on the disc would seem to indicate that it's a mix of take 4. It could be either the mono mix from 25 October 1965 or the stereo mix from 26 October 1965. The disc was auctioned again in April 2005 but no additional info was provided.

(Note Barrett's use of the working title)

12 October 1965
E57714 4T
This Bird Has Flown (TK1) b

21 October 1965
E57716 4T
Norwegian Wood [REMAKE]
This Bird Has Flown (TK2-TK4) B

25 October 1965
[E57541] A (remix)
This Bird Has Flown (FROM TK4) (RM1) B

26 October 1965
E57542 Z (remix)
This Bird Has Flown
(FROM TK4 ON E57716-4T) (RS1)

Alternate image
The back side