I have limited info about this disc. It was auctioned in 2003. Since this song was recorded during the Help sessions but it wasn't released until it showed up on Rubber Soul, it could date from either period.

If it dates from the Help sessions, it's probably a typical production acetate and might even contain the unreleased RM1. If it dates from the Rubber Soul sessions, it was likely used to refresh the memory of the song. In which case, it would likely be the standard RM2.


An Emidisc labelled acetate for the Beatles' 'Wait'

An one sided, 7 inch. 45 rpm acetate with hand-written Emidisc label reading 2.4 wait 45 ac the beatles, in blue ball point pen.


17 Jun 1965
11 Nov 1965
E56455 4T Wait (TK1-TK4) B

18 Jun 1965
E56532 A (remix)
Wait (FROM TK4 ON E56455-4T) (RM1) B

15 Nov 1965
E58218 A (remix)
Wait (FROM TK4) (RM2) B

E58219 Z (remix)
Wait (FROM TK4) (RS1) B