I Am The Walrus

This disc was auctioned on eBay in December 2005


Rare Beatles Demo White Label 7" Single
I Am The Walrus

Item location: France or London
United Kingdom

A rare Beatles 7 inch Emidisc single sided white label Demo/Acetate for the classic song ‘I am the Walrus’ from the 1967 EP ‘Magical Mystery Tour’.

This is a really interesting demo disc with different orchestration, more strings, talking and laughing. Quite something to listen to!

The label is variously annotated in biro by hand with the song title, ‘I am the Walrus’, ‘4.35’ (for the time), ‘45’ (for the speed), ‘2-10-27’, ‘RLP’ and ‘THE BEATLES’.

I have played this disc once and it played without jumping. Condition is heavily marked with multiple edge chipping showing the metal core, the surface scratches are numerous, with scuffs and some deeper scratching which are apparent when it is played. There is a lot of overall crackle and hiss due to the condition. There is also some degradation of the acetate surface on the lead-out groove. Label is a little grubby and the reverse blank side is overall surface scratched and worn.

In my opinion you’ll want to record it once and then make sure it’s preserved! It’s really quite amazing to hear this version.

The acetate is in a card sleeve with two red borders and polythene liner.