The Beatles
("The White Album" side 4)

This disc was auctioned on eBay in 2004. The auction description below would indicate this is the stereo mix.


THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM Acetate Signed George Martin
Original 1968 Abbey Road Recording Acetate

Item location: Melbourne, Australia

Ladies and Gentlemen!!........when it comes to authentic BEATLES memorabilia they don't get any rarer than this!!

This item comes to us from the current owner, an insider in the music industry and a lifetime collector of BEATLES memorabilia , he travelled and worked on the 1998 ALL YOU NEED IS BEATLES Tour of Australia.

This item represents the absolute pinnacle of music memorabilia collecting. One of the Actual Studio production Acetates for THE WHITE ALBUM.

So Incredably rare...........a piece of music and entertainment history.

Offered here is an original acetate of the entire 4th Side of THE WHITE ALBUM and appears, audibly no different from the studio release.

Although the disc is not dated, records at ABBEY ROAD show that the stereo versions of all 4 sides were cut on 21st October 1968.
See page 163 of "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" by Mark Lewisohn 1988

The single sided 12 inch disc with EMIDISC label, inscribed in black ballpoint

Sleeve with similar details, together with an envelope addressed to (Sir) GEORGE MARTIN, the reverse with a handwritten signed note to HARRY MOSS stating

"Dear Harry ,
I think your cut is great - only possible improvement would be a little more deep bass - but if it affects the rest of the sound , please keep as is. Can you do 9 sets of masters for Monday?,
Many thanks
George "

This item was purchased by it's current owner at the SOTHEBY's 'ROCK 'n ROLL Auction 29th July 1993, London.

It comes complete with the original SOTHEBY's Buyers invoice.

The current owner had the oppurtunity of touring Australia doing his
"ALL YOU NEED IS BEATLES" Show Early in 1998, the acetate was again offered to Sir George Martin for his authentication and he kindly signed it AGAIN ....thirty years on!, that's 101% authenticity. (so you have a 1968 inscription on one side and the 1998 dedication on the other)

To quote from the original Invoice
"This acetate is in excellent condition, never having been played by it's owner"