This disc is the standard RM2 mix. The owner of this disc provided this info...

"I have owned the disk since the 60's. My Grandma used to be a cleaner for a lady called Vivien who was somehow involved with the Beatles. She gave it to my Grandma and I ended up wth it. Nan said she was an executive producer??"

"The disk is a blank on one side. There are a few small chips on the rim where metal shows through. It plays with noticable surface noise but no skips."

"I took it to Phillips aution rooms in London in early 90's. It was authenticated and they valued it at £400.00 then.They told me it degardes every time it is played. So I made a cassette recording and have not played it since."


14 Jun 1965
E56452 4T
Yesterday (TK1-TK2) B

18 Jun 1965
E56532 A
Yesterday (RM1-2)

18 Jun 1965
E56456 Z
(FROM TK2 ON E56452) (RS1) B