Keep Your Hand Off My Baby/
Some Other Guy/Beautiful Dreamer

This acetate image was sent to me by a
friend in the U.K. This is the info provided...

I also received a recording of another
Percy Phillips acetate recently conatining three tracks - SOME OTHER GUY, BEAUTIFUL DREAMER and KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BABY. [Allegedly,] Brian Epstein had the acetate made in 1963 from the BBC radio recordings from Saturday Club (in January '63). While I cannot prove that he did or did not, they sound identical to the late 70's/early 80's bootleg versions, with the intros clipped and the same rises and drops in volume. So, either the boots came from Brian Epstein's tape, or the acetate was made from the boots. I just cannot prove it either way."

These recording come from the 26 January 1963 episode of Saturday Club which was recorded on 22 January 1963.

The broadcast can be heard - here