29 January 1969
8 Track
Recorded in Apple Studio 2
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Glyn Johns, Alan Parsons

I Want You
The One After 909
Not Fade Away
Mailman Blues
Teddy Boy
Jamming - Rehearsal

Also recorded this day (from the John Barrett notes):

There are no other mult-track recordings from this date.
However, approximately four hours of performances are available
on Nagra reels 550A - 651A and 1130B - 1145B.



I Want You [DDSI 29.33 or 29.37?]
The One After 909
[DDSI 29.45 - 29.47?]
Not Fade Away (medley)
[DDSI 29.45]
Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
[DDSI 29.53]
Teddy Boy
[DDSI 29.54]
Jamming - Rehearsal
[DDSI 29.55 - 29.56?]

Lewisohn states that Besame Mucho [DDSI 29.40], which appears in the "Let It Be" movie, was also recorded on this date. Doug Sulpy lists it on this reel. Both imply that it was recorded last. Barrett doesn't specifically list it.

However, the Nagra reels reveal that the song was actually sequenced between I Want You [DDSI 29.37] and The One After 909 [DDSI 29.45]. I cannot explain this at this time. I will update this page when further info is available.

Doug Sulpy also implies that a series of Buddy Holly songs [DDSI 29.50 - 29.52] were also captured on the multi-track. Again, this page will be updated as info comes in.

The entire performances are on Nagra reels 555A - 561A and 1141B - 1145B and can be found on the "Day By Day" series on Yellow Dog Records.

Not Fade Away (medley) [DDSI 29.45]
An off-line recording of a mix from this reel is found, from "the boardroom tape", on "File Under: Beatles" on Gnat Records.

Not Fade Away (medley) [DDSI 29.45]
A Barrett 1982 era mix is on
"Turn Me On Dead Man"
Vigotone Records

Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
[DDSI 29.53]
A Barrett 1982 era mix is on "Another Sessions...Plus" on Vigotone Records.

A mix made by Geoff Emerick circa 1983 appears on "Sessions" (various labels). This is likely the same mix used on "Anthology 3".


Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
[DDSI 29.53]
"Anthology 3"