3 January 1970
8 Track
Recorded in E.M.I. Studio 2
Producer: George Martin
Engineers: Phil McDonald, Richard Langham

I Me Mine (TK1-TK16) B

Also recorded this day (from the John Barrett notes):

There were no other recordings made this day.


Take 16 was recorded 3 January 1970 on reel E91742. On 5 January 1970, at Olympic Studios, Glyn Johns made a mix on an unknown reel (Barrett does not list any activity on this date). The same day, the mix was compiled on reel AR16991/2 "GET BACK" STEREO LP (DO NOT USE FOR MASTERING)


I Me Mine (take 16 RS1)
This is a copy John Barrett's cassette dub of reel AR16991/2 "GET BACK" STEREO LP (DO NOT USE FOR MASTERING). The mix includes dialogue not available elsewhere but would likely come from the 3 January 1970 session. This item can be found on "The Glyn Johns Final Compilation" Vigotone Records.

I Me Mine (take 16 RS2?)
According to Lewisohn, on 23 March 1970,
Spector made three remixes (RS1-3) of take 16. This was likely reel E97102. Spector then edited RS1-3 and called it RS2. This might have involved two reels but Barrett lists only reel E97102.

On 1 April 1970, Spector did a tape-to-tape reduction ("extended edit of take 16 into
takes 17 and 18, SI onto take 18").
This was on reels E97257 and E97136

On 2 April 1970,
Spector made an edit of RS11-12.
This was likely reel E97137.
This edit was compiled, 5 April 1970, to reel AR16216 "LET IT BE" STEREO LP (YEX 773/4) , the LP master.

It seems likely the mix listed here comes from the 23 March 1970 session and that Spector had not done the "extended" edit yet. This mix is found on "Acetates" Yellow Dog Records.


I Me Mine
(take 16 as take 18 edit of RS11 & RS12
This is the mix from the "Let It Be" album.
E97257 for further details here

I Me Mine (take 16 RS?)
This was mixed in 1994(?) on an unknown reel. The intro includes additional dialogue ("...Ricky, Titch and I...") that is not available elsewhere. It would seem likely that the dialogue comes from this 3 January 1970 session and that this mix was made from this reel. This is found on "Anthology 3".

I Me Mine (take 16 RS?)
This was mixed in 2003 and, possibly, was mixed from reel E97357 since it maintains
Phil Spector's extended edit.
This is on
"Let It Be...Naked"