Bonus Items



Get Back
This is a complete edit of the available multi-track mixes of DDSI 27.63 and 28.43.
In other words, the "reprise" re-edited to the end of the single mix.

Let It Be
This a mix with both leads from Get Back 2nd Mix (Strawberry).

Teddy Boy
This is Phil Spector's unused mix.

KMET Los Angeles
This is a January 1970 aircheck of DJ B. Mitchel Reed reading a cease and disist order from Capital Records



We've all seen many, many photos of The Beatles, Billy Preston with several of George Martin and even Mal Evans
during these sessions. But what about the man behind the board? So, here's a few of Glyn.


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For the complete story of "The Get Back Sessions",
see Doug Sulpy's books

See further details about the multi-track recordings in That Magic Feeling by John C. Winn