After the Sgt. Pepper album was released, Lizzie was at E.M.I. Studiios to get her copy autographed.

"On Wednesday, June 7th 1967, I went to EMI Studios. Ringo signed my album
and asked me "why I wasn't wearing my mustache" and I apologized."

"George signed it, too. and said Hello. With John Lennon, I asked "could you sign,
John", he said, 'yes, I can'. I took photos of him that day. I had flowers for Cynthia.
My album (the actual record) fell on the ground and John picked it up for me. I gave him a gift
my Mother had sent him - a good luck charm from Brazil. He said, 'Thanks, MUM”.

"On Thursday June 8th, 1967 Paul signed my album at EMI. I asked him to sign his name
and he signed Paul Mc, looked around to the other signatures of John and George and said,
'I ruined your album' and stopped writing. I kidded with him that he had done it on purpose so
I would have to buy another album."

14 February 1967
Studio Two 7.00pm-12.30am

Recording: "Only A Northern Song" (tape reduction take 3 into takes 10-12, SI onto take 12)
George put down his vocals at this sessions.

Mono mixing: "Only A Northern Song" (RM1-3 of take 12)
See 13 February for release details

The photos here are The Beatles arriving at the session. The girl getting John's autograph is Lizzie Bravo
who, a year later, would be chosen to sing backgroung vocal on "Across The Universe"