22 February 1967
Studio Two: 7.30pm-3.45am

Recording: "A Day In The Life" (edit pieces 1-9)
Mono mixing: "A Day In The Life" (RM 6-9 of takes 6 & 7)
Editing: "A Day In The Life" (of RM9 and edit piece take 9)
Stereo mixing: "A Day In The Life" (RS 1-9 from takes 6 & 7)
Seemingly not noted in the official logs or unless Lewisohn is mistaken about his details on the 10 February session, it's apparent this session began with an attempt at the proposed choir of voices for the end of the song. These attempts might not have even been recorded.
Efforts from this session (the final sustained piano chord) have appeared on the official mono and stereo releases. A 'clean intro' mix appeared on Imagine: John Lennon and 1967-1970. All the stereo mixes have surfaced on various bootlegs. A fresh remix appeared on the Anthology DVD

Recording: "Anything [aka "Drum Track]" (take 1)
."Anything" is a 22+ minute experimental track with drums and other percussion. Lewisohn describes Ringo as playing the drums but, based on
the photos here, I have to wonder if Paul didn't play a large part. Nothing from this recording has escaped E.M.I.'s vault. I doubt it would be too interesting anyway.

Note too, that David Crosby stopped by the session. The woman with the headphones is Patti Harrison.

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