Note: some photos in this gallery are featured twice. The reason for this is because they come
from different sources and I was unable to determine which source was best for all eyes.

Please note, too, that I have chosen to omit photos from Paul's trip to the U.S. in early April 1967.


Sgt. Pepper Gallery
24 November 1966 - 21 April 1967


24 November
27 November
? Nov-Dec
10 December
18 December
20 December



These dates have been determined by a variety resources and researchers.
Many dates are difficult, if not impossible, to determine exactly.

A notable credit goes out to these people.
They're the folks who really did most of the research and photo collecting here.
(I've only made the presentation)
Ken Wood, polo_zappa, Starshyne, Mark Lewisohn, John Winn, Wogew, Trini Schultz