Some Other Guy - DOWNLOAD
On 22 August 1962, Granada TV filmed The Beatles performing this song at The Cavern. Due to the poor audio quality on the film, a second audio-only recording was made 5 September with the intent to dub it over the film. The overdub was never done and the acetates described below are the only remaining artifacts of the September recording.

At the end of the recording, John is heard saying "We'll probably have to do it again". Could this mean that a third performance was recorded?

The copy featured here is taken from "Live In The United Kingdom 1962-1965" where it is the most complete. It is also found on "Ultimate Collection Vol 1" but the outro is cut and noise reduction is used. It's also on "Puttin' On the Style" where the intro is cut. The quality is the same on all releases.

NOTE: the recording heard on "Puttin' On the Style" features a glitch sound at the beginning of the recording. Does this indicate a different acetate source or is it just someone's poor tape copy?

Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (excerpt) - DOWNLOAD
Apparently, this song was performed at the 22 August filming. However, that recording has only survived as silent footage which has been excerpted in a variety of documentaries. It's likely that the song was performed at the second taping for reasons similar to "Some Other Guy".

The recording featured here is only the excerpt as presented in "Anthology". However, the recording has been "oopsed" along with a bit of further digital trickery. This process has removed nearly all of the voice-over heard in "Anthology".
The Acetates
According to John Winn (in "Way Beyond Compare"),
"... a 12" reference acetate and five 7" two-sided acetates [were]
pressed" and Brian Epstein had a "batch of discs manufactured"
for promotion and sale. He goes on to mention, "... a good quality acetate [of "Some Other Guy" was] auctioned by Sotheby's in
September 1983" and it was originally featured in the radio special "SPLHCB". Further, referencing the portion of "Kansas City" that is circulating, he states, "...[it] is a copy of the acetate auctioned at Christie's in 1993 and purchased by Apple". He further related to me
that he believed all available recordings of "Some Other Guy" are sourced from the same acetate So...while two-sided acetates of these titles seem to exist, apparently the available recordings are sourced
from two different acetates.
A brief story about the acetate bought by Apple
in 1993 (obviously the source used in "Anthology")
can be read on the "Known Acetates" page - here
NOTE: This photo is NOT from this date.