"Sour Milk Sea" b/w "Can You Take Me Back"

"Sour Milk Sea" (3:56)

"Can You Take Me Back" (1:56)

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NOTE: "Sour Milk Sea" is not the mix from "Fab Forgeries" (Yellow Panda).

"Sour Milk Sea"
- an "outfake" mix I made from the Esher demo and the instrumental backing from Jackie Lomax's version of the song which features
George-guitar/production (maybe backing vocals), Paul-bass, Ringo-drums, Eric Clapton-guitar, Nicky Hopkins/keyboards and Eddie Clayton-percussion

"Can You Take Me Back"
- a complete 1:56 edit of the available recording.

All along with fantasy labels and a picture sleeve based on the design of the Lomax French issued sleeve. - here