4 November 1963
Prince Of Wales Theatre
London, England
"The Royal Variety Performance"

Complete Video
(sorry, but I'm not presenting a separate audio file)

What can be said about this performance that hasn't already been said.

NOTE: There is a portion at the end of Harry Secombe's introduction where the image goes blank. It isn't a defect in the file. I simply didn't have an image for that portion.

The Beatles Film & TV Chronicle 1961-1970 describes two newsreels which feature clips of this event. This file appears to be a composite of both. The book indicates that the concert clips are from the afternoon rehearsal but, during the rehearsal, Paul was wearing lighter colored trousers. In these clips, he has dark trousers on. Also, there appears to be a full audience. So, I'm inclined to thinks these clips are from the actual performance.