20 November 1963
ABC Cinema
Manchester, England

Full "Techniscope" version
(sorry, but I'm not presenting a separate audio file)

This excellent newsreel was filmed by Pathe News and distributed to British cinemas during the week of 22 December 1963. Since then, portions of it have been seen in a variety or programs and documentaries. However, most of those sources were edited to fit a television screen which resulted in the sides of the image being squeezed in and cropped. In many cases, much of the image is missing.

"She Loves You" was featured in the The Compleat Beatles documentary where it was implied that it was from the Royal Variety performance on 4 November 1963. Both "She Loves You" and the last half of "Twist and Shout" were seen in the documentary, British Rock: The First Wave. The Anthology video set features a pristine copy of "She Loves You". The home video release, The Beatles Firsts presents an excellent and complete version of the newsreel. But again, all these versions are cropped.

Apparently, all available "wide-screen" versions feature a time-code bar at the bottom
(see image below). The file presented here, appears to have the bar cropped off but
maintains the wide-screen.

In 1965, the program Pop Gear featured these performances (in wide screen) which included alternate edits and additional camera shots. In addition, "outtake" footage of alternate audience and backstage shots circulates among collectors.
Sorry, but I don't have these clips.