7 December 1963
Liverpool Empire
It's The Beatles

Video of this performance survives from a variety of sources.
Regrettably, no complete version has surfaced.

Copy of BBC Master
Part 1
It appears as though the purpose of these clips was to get audience shots.
Part 2
This part presents songs in a more complete form. Three songs also overlap with part 1 but
are alternate camera shots. This would seem to indicate that the BBC master was contained
on at least two reels.

Reuters Newsreel
According to John Winn, in Way Beyond Compare, the Reuters newsreel lasts 3:24 but he only
lists excerpts of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Twist And Shout" being included. However,
while lasting only 1:14, the clip presented here also features excerpts of "This Boy" and "Money".

German Newsreel
This features a couple of segments, probably from unused Reuters footage, found nowhere else.
It's not clear exactly which song is being performed in the first clip. John is at the mic so it's either
"Money" or "Twist And Shout".

Top Of The Pops 1981
This utilizes the BBC footage but without the time-clock.

MSNBC Time & Again
This uses the Reuters footage and offers a bit of the intro seen nowhere else and improved picture
quality. This was broadcast with the studio recording of "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

Many thanks to MM Recording for generously contributing most of the clips and providing info.

From Me To You (0:10 intro excerpt)
I Saw Her Standing There (0:03 fragment)
All My Loving (0:14 intro plus 2 fragments)
Roll Over Beethoven (0:24 3 excerpts)
Till There Was You (0:07 2 excerpts)
She Loves You (0:27 intro plus 3 excerpts)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (0:05 excerpt)
Money (That's What I Want) (0:07 excerpt)
Twist And Shout (0:34 2 excerpts)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (1:55 3 excerpts)
Money (That's What I Want) (3:51 3 excerpts)
Twist And Shout (2:07 2 excerpts
From Me To You (Reprise) /
Harry Lime (Third Man Theme) (1:13)

(This is dubbed with audio from the off-line tape)
This Boy (0:10 excerpt)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (0:30 excerpt)
Money (That's What I Want) (0:10 excerpt)
Twist And Shout (0:06 excerpt)
plus various audience shots

(These clips are silent under voice-over
Money or Twist And Shout (0:05)
curtain closing (0:04)

(This features the in-line audio)
Money (That's What I Want) introduction (1:05)
Twist And Shout (1:10 excerpt)

MSNBC Time & Again
(This is dubbed with the line audio)
From Me To You (0:04 intro excerpt)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (0:45 excerpt)
Alternate MSNBC
This is the same clip slightly longer
but lesser quality

This is my composite utilizing the BBC clips along with the various Reuters footage creating the most complete version of the available clips. Please note there are a couple of short silent segments. this is not a defect in the file.

Another composite exists (presumably created by Silent Sea) featuring part 2 of the BBC film which inserts segments of part 1, repeats several of the audience shots and syncronizes missing portions of the audio from the off-line tape. This clip was previously presented here but I chose to exclude it now. However, it is a very enjoyable presentation. It can be found on a variety of unauthorized DVDs.
I recommend seekng it out.

This is simply the in-line audio portion of the BBC master.