16 January 1964
Olympia Theater
Paris, France


From Me To You
I Saw Her Standing There
This Boy (brief excerpt)
Twist And Shout
From Me To You (Reprise)
Long Tall Sally
From Me To You (Reprise)

From Me To You
This Boy
I Want To Hold Your Hand
She Loves You
Twist And Shout
From Me To You (Reprise)
Long Tall Sally (excerpt)
From Me To You (Reprise)

B&W video clip

Color video clip

For the afternoon show, this date is an educated guess by Beatles scholars and there is a possibility it might
actually be from the afternoon show in Versailles on the 15th or the afternoon show in Paris on the 17th. The
source for the available recording is a 1993 French radio program. I have followed the song sequence as noted
by John Winn in Way Beyond Compare. This sequence seems the most accurate. Other sources typically place
"From Me To You" at the end of the set.

The evening show is from Musicorama broadcast on on Europe 1 Radio 19 January 1964. The last two songs
are from a German newsreel, Tumult Und Die Beatles. Again, there is some debate over the song sequence and
again, I have chosen to use John Winn's sequence which has been the common sequence referenced.

The video black & white video clip comes from a raw unknown newsreel, part of which was seen in Anthology.
It has an additional four seconds of The Beatles on stage (apparently the end of "Roll Over Beethoven") not seen in
Anthology. Apologies for the quality of the video clip. It's the best I could present. The date of the color video clip is
uncertain. No recording microphones are seen so it must not be the same date as the French radio recordings.