"James Paul McCartney""James Paul McCartney""James Paul McCartney"
Please note, this is the U.S. version and doesn't include the live performance of "Hi Hi Hi" featured in the U.K. version (sorry).
For full details of this 1973 television program and all available outtakes, see Chip Madinger and Mark Easter's Eight Arms To Hold You.
(NOTE: There are three links on the pages above. They are all to the same file. And it's a BIG file at 452Mb.)

On a personal note...
The image of the TV Guide above comes from the back cover of an original Club Sandwich Records vinyl bootleg, James Paul McCartney.
I don't know if this is an authentic image from that edition of the magazine but if so, it would be from the "Northern Ohio Edition" which would
have been the edition in my area at that time in 1973. For that reason, the Club Sandwich LP was always an extra treat for me.