As available on authorized and
unauthorized vinyl and CD releases.
Dates listed are very general and
the illustrations are not in any particular order.
Not all of the releases mentioned are illustrated.

For a thorough description of these items, see
"The Ultimate Acetate Collectiion" - here

See also other "Known Acetates" - here

1958 - 10" 78 rpm Phillips Sound Studio
John Duff Lowe - piano, Colin Hanton - drums)
That'll Be The Day
In Spite Of All The Danger
"Anthology 1" (with noise reduction)
"Anthology" DVD
(without noise reduction)

June 1961 - 10" MGM/Verve
in't She Sweet
"Acetates Collection"

June 1962 - Emidisc
Love Me Do
(Pete Best Drums)
Originally thought to be lost, this was eventually found, in 1994, on an acetate in George Martin's closet when his wife Judy was cleaning it out.
"Anthology 1"

September 1962
Recorded 5 September at The Cavern.

According to John Winn (in "Way Beyond Compare"),
"...a 12" reference acetate and five 7" two-sided acetates [were] pressed" and that Brian Epstein had a "batch of discs manufactured" to sell and for promotion.

He goes on to mention, "...a good quality acetate [of "Some Other Guy" was] auctioned by Sotheby's in September 1983" and that it was originally featured in the radio special "SPLHCB".

Also, referencing the portion of "Kansas City" that is circulating, "...[it] is a copy of the acetate auctioned at Christie's in 1993 and purchased by Apple".

He further related to me that he believed all available recordings of "Some Other Guy" are sourced from the same acetate

So...while two-sided acetates of these titles do exist, apparently the available recordings are sourced from two different acetates.

Some Other Guy
"Live In The United Kingdom 1962-1965"(complete)
"Ultimate Collection Vol 1"
(outro cut and noise reduction)
"Puttin' On the Style" (intro cut)
NOTE: the recording heard on "Puttin' On the Style" features a glitch sound at the beginning of the recording. Does this indicate a different acetate source or is it just someone's poor tape copy?
"The Beatles Complete - Jan 1 to Sept 5 1962"
An upgraded version of this apparently features the complete recording.
Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (with voice-over)
"Anthology" DVD
All 'bootleg' releases are sourced from "Anthology".

September 1962 - Parlophone
This is not actually an acetate. The available recording is mastered from a copy of the original UK 45 release. The master tape has been destroyed or lost.
Love Me Do
(Ringo Drums)
"Past Masters Vol. 1"

1963 - Dick James
Bad To Me
"Not For Sale" vinyl (most complete, best quality)
"Vinyl To The Core"
(intro -.5 sec, outro slight fade, NR?)
"Acetates" (intro -1 sec, ourto slight fade, noise reduction)

January 1964 - Dick James
One And One Is Two

June 1964 - Emidisc
"A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Film Production
- A Hard Day's Night (take 9)
- And I Love Her (take 21)
- If I Fell (take 15)
"Hodge Podge Vol. 3"

August 1964 - Capitol - (1969 Apple?)
"Hollywood Bowl"
(individual tracks not listed)
"Hollywood Bowl Complete"

October 1964 - two 7" Emidiscs
She's A Woman (Take 6)
She's A Woman (Take 7)
"Acetates Collection"

April 1965 - Emidisc?
"HELP!" Film Production 78 rpms
- Another Girl (take 1)
- I Need You (take 5)
- Yes It Is (take 14)
- You Like Me Too Much
- You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (take 9)
- Help! (take 12 RM3?)
- Ticket To Ride (take 2 RM2?)
- The Night Before (take 2)
- You're Going Lose That Girl (take 3)
"Songs For Eleanor"

November 1965 - Emidisc dated 13 December 1965
12-Bar Original (take 2 RM1)

April 1966 - Emidisc?
Paperback Writer (take 2 RM1?)
"Hodge Podge Vol. 1"

October 1966 - 8" Capitol
Paperback Writer (take 2 RS3)
"Acetates Collection"

November 1966 - Emidisc
Strawberry Fields Forever (take 7 RM3)
"Nothing Is Real" vinyl
"Acetates Collection"

January 1967 - Emidisc
A Day In The Life (take 6 RM1)

Febuary 1967 - Emidisc
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (take 10 RM1)
"Acetates 2CD"

April 1967 - Emidisc
Magical Mystery Tour (take 9 RM4) very scratchy
"Another Tracks Of Magical Mystery Tour"

May 1967 - Emidisc
Magical Mystery Tour (take 9 RM7)

September 1967 - Emidisc
Your Mother Should Know (take 9?)

September 1967 - Emidiscs
I Am The Walrus (take 17 RM?)
"Hodge Podge Vol. 1"
I Am The Walrus (take 17 RM4)
The Fool On The Hill (take 1)

October 1967 - Emidiscs
Blue Jay Way (take 3 RM6/9 edit)
Blue Jay Way (take 3 RM6/9 edit) fake?"
"Acetates Collection"
Blue Jay Way (take 3 RM6/9 edit)
This begins with the end of "Flying".
"Acetates 2CD"

February 1968 - 7" Emidisc
Across The Universe
"Dig It" vinyl
"Acetates Collection"

June 1968 - 10" two-sided (?) Emidisc
"Kenney Everett Interview"
"Acetates Collection"

June 1968 - Apple
Revolution 9 (RS1) mono

August 1968
Not Guilty (take 102 RM1?)
slightly alternate mix of Peter Seller mix
"Nothing Is Real" vinyl

September 1968
"White Album" acetate
- Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Except For Me And My Monkey (take 12 RM5)
- Yer Blues (takes 16/17 edit RM3 and edit piece take 1)
- Back In The USSR (take 6 RM1)
- Helter Skelter (take 21 RM1)
- Birthday (take 22 RM1)
"The White Sessions"

October 1968
I'm So Tired (take 14 RM1?)
I'm So Tired (take 14 RM2?)
"Hodge Podge Vol. 1"

December 1968
Yer Blues
Whole Lotta Yoko
(Rock and Roll Circus)
"British Blue Jam" vinyl

I Want You (She's So Heavy) (take 35?)
There is much doubt about the authenticity of this.
"The Abbey Road Companion"
"Rough Notes" vinyl

February 1969
Something (demo take 1 RM1?)
"Acetates 2CD"

February 1969 - Dick James
"Acetates 2CD"

March 1969 - Apple?
a.k.a. "Kum Back"
- Get Back
- Teddy Boy
- Two Of Us
- Dig A Pony
- I've Got A Feeling
- The Long And Winding Road
- Let It Be
- Don't Let Me Down
- For You Blue
- Get Back
- The Walk
"The WBCN Get Back Reference Acetate"
"Posters, Inscence and Strobe Candles"

March 1969 - Apple?
I've Got A Feeling ("goofed" take)
Shake Rattle And Roll
- Kansas City/Miss Ann/Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Blue Suede Shoes
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Doug Sulpy claims these come from acetates.
-I'm not so certain I agree.
Dig It (full 8+ minute version)
-It's possibly this is an acetate.
"Celluoid Rock"
Sulpy implies that most of tracks featured on this release are from acetates. If this is true, are these the same acetate sources used for "Kum Back" or are they entirely different acetates?

March ? 1969
Let It Be
This is the 26 January 1969 performance that was featured on "Kum Back". It was broadcast on CKLW 800 AM Windsor/Detroit in November - December 1969 as "from The Beatles' album 'Get Back'".
It is unknown if the radio station was playing an actual acetate or a tape copy. It's very possible that this acetate is the same one used for either of the two previous March 1969 entries listed above. I am the source of the available composite mix that can be heard at...
occasionally available from this site

April-May 1969
Wedding Album Commercial
This is likely the acetate featured here
"The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. 14" vinyl

May 1969 - Apple?
"Get Back"
- One After 909
- Rocker
- Save The Last Dance
- Don't Let Me Down
- Dig A Pony
- I've Got A Feeling
- Get Back
- For You Blue
- Teddy Boy
- Two Of Us
- Maggie Mae
- Dig It
- The Long And Winding Road
- Let It Be
- Get Back (reprise)
"various releases"

September 1969 - 12" one-sided Apple
Cold Turkey (take ?) with alternate vocal
"After The Remember"

November 1969 - "Cutting Room Inc."
What's The New Mary Jane (take 4 RS4)
What's The New Mary Jane (take 4 RS5)
What's The New Mary Jane (take 4 RS6) - severe edit
"Acetates Collection"

December 1969 - Apple
This is the famous Apples 1002 single that was almost released as a Plastic Ono Band record.
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
What's The New Mary Jane (take 4)
single edit
"What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party"

December 1969 - Apple?
Item 1
(a.k.a "Laugh")
"After The Remember"

January 1970 - Apple?
I Me Mine
"Acetates 2CD"

April 1970 - two 10" Apple
Let It Be (take 30 RS2?)
with April 30, 1969 lead
"Acetates Collection"
The Long And Winding Road
(take 18 reduction RS10/13 edit)
"Acetates Collection"

May - August 1970
"All Things Must Pass" album - Apple
various tracks
"All Things Must Pass: Acetate"
"All Things Must Pass: The Apple Acetates"
"Acetates And Alternates"
"Acetates And Alternates Volume II"
"All Things Must Pass: Apple Acetate"
"All Things Must Surface"

October 1970 - Bell?
Remember (extended mix)
"After The Remember"
Well Well Well (take 4)