Of the three main producers of Beatles acetates (EMI, Apple & Capitol), Capitol discs are the rarest. Unlike many of the EMI and Apple acetates, Capitol acetates all contain the standard released mono or stereo mixes. The only exceptions are the Hollywood Bowl and those with spoken material. To date no alternate takes or mixes have surfaced on a Capitol acetate.


The "Pro-Disc" labels are left-overs from the 1950s. Apparently, someone stumbled across some old stock and decided
to use them. It seems likely that the "Pro-Disc" acetates were not authorized by Capitol and were merely made by someone
wishing to have a personal rare item. There is also some speculation that they were made in the early 1970s. I have no info
about the use of the "Los Feliz" or "blue" labels.
The designation "Mono Type B" on the white labels indicates stereo folded to mono.

According to one expert, all known Capitol Beatles acetates are represented here.
I will try to acquire scans for those without images. Images do exist, I simply don't have them.
Read about other possible Capitol Beatles acetates - here.

Beginning in late 2005, a flood of new unknown Capitol acetates began to appear. Several experts have considerable
suspicions about the authenticity of these new acetates. Several researchers are currently conducting research in hope of
determining their authenticity. These acetates are featured here but I have chosen not to designate them until current
research is finished. Part of the reason I have chosen to feature them is based on a conversation I had with Bruce
Spizer. Spizer agrees that the appearance of so many acetates raises red flags however, he sees nothing that
definitively determines that they are fake. Once the research is finished, I'll post the conclusions here.
Stay tuned.

Some obvious fakes can be seen - here
Buyers should avoid these.