"Introducing The Beatles"
Printing Block & Proof Slick

The Beatles “Introducing The Beatles” Printing Press Cut Block

1963. Unique doesn’t begin to describe the significance of what you see here...the only known surviving printer’s block for any Beatles related record. One can only imagine how many thousands of slicks were printed from this block! Originating from the printing firm of C.L. Schmoyer & Sons, Allentown, Pa., and measuring 10.75 x 10.50” with a .75 thickness, the metal-cast lettering is affixed to the wood block. After serving their purpose the metal-casts were routinely melted down and re-cast for future projects. Hence the rarity. VEE-JAY enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that this is the first back cover variation for the version two issue of VJ1062: the track “Please Please Me” without the comma. Experts concur that the “Nov 63” notation at the top of the back wood does not refer to the date the blocks were either created or utilized but the date the batch of wood was cut since VEE-JAY files reveal that this reconfigured version two album was not prepared until January 24th, 1964.

Comes with the original cardboard storage box with hand-written labeling on the spine that reads VJLP1062 Beatles in pencil. Provenance is from the grandson of the company’s founder who recently discovered the block in his grandfather’s basement.


The Beatles “Introducing The Beatles” Printer’s Proof Slick

1963. We’ve got it! “It” being the first-run test proof processed through the printer’s block in advance of the actual record sleeve printing. What can we say….it is what it is!
12 x 11.75” card stock, with a handful of scattered age spots.