1963 Interview

Original 1963 Beatles interview 16mm film from London

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This stunning 16mm original film is the only one that exists. It offers a rare and wonderful early glimpse into the boyish behaviour of the Beatles when they really were "The Beatles". Their witty personalities shine. It is intriguing and unique.

It was shot as a documentary news release for ORTF (Office de Radiodiffusion-Television Francaise), the French National Broadcast System, to promote the sale of the record single "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" after an event, which took place from 16th January to 4th February in 1964, at the Théâtre de l'Olympia, Paris. The Beatles performed for their first time in France. The film was shot in a studio in London by a film production company called "Reflex Films" (no longer in business). The film features a 10 minute interview with the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, intercut with footage of them singing at the Wimbledon Palais on December 14th, 1963 for their fan club (Southern area). The French interviewer asks questions in both French and English. They have fun with the interview and mock the French language! Girls scream, faint and the Fab 4 hold their hands at the end of the show while goofing around. Intercut throughout, are scenes of the fan mail, fashionable boutiques where young men and women try on the latest Beatles wigs and the fans.

Here is an example of a piece of dialogue from the film. Jacques asks the group what will they do when success will be less "Go to bed". "Have a day off". "Join the Navy". "Probably, John and I will carry on writing songs. George will probably"go to bed, have a day off, or he might become a jockey".

A few seconds of the interview were included in a documentary by BBC television many, many years ago, but the film has been hidden away since before the end of the 1960s.

I have the original 16mm black and white camera negatives from the interview and the original negative of the documentary footage. The stills, which you see here, are captured from a VHS copy of the film with a footage counter in the center. The original camera negatives have been cut (usual procedure in those days when producing a film) - they are in perfect condition without scratches(no footage counter). The complete interview could be reconstituted by editing (one frame will be lost for each cut as a result of negative-cutting). I have two D-2 (Digital) film to tape transfers from all of the original negative.

The song in the 16mm projection print, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", is inseparable from the interview recording but the film to tape transfer does not have the music.

Reflex Films gave me the right to sell this film and I have a letter to show its authenticity.

Here is what is for sale in the original film cans:Original 16mm negative of the interview.
The original negative of the documentary footage in various locales in and around the London Palladium, a Carnaby Street hair salon, the Beatles Fan Club offices.
The only 16mm Projection print(positive) ever made, which has the song “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” playing.
The positive out-takes and trims of everything filmed.
The original "Sep. Mag." track of the edited film.
The Optical soundtrack of the edited film.
1xD2 videotape recorded from the original cut negative with audio of the interview and without the song.
1xD2 videotape recorded from the original out-takes of the interview and 'Trims' without audio.
1xBetaCam SP-NTSC videotape copy of the original Projection Print.
1xVHS-NTSC videotape dub from each of the D2 Masters(2 tapes without timecode imprint).
Original Audio Mixing Charts with transcript of interview.

The following message was posted on Yahoo's Beatles Group. I found it relavant.

From: "Rod"
Date: Thu Apr 29, 2004
Subject: Beatles film interview on Ebay


I am hoping someone will be able to help me. Just recently, there was an Ebay sale for a Beatles interview film from 1963:

The same seller placed this item up for sale last fall, but I wrote several times and they never responded to me. I have tried to reach the seller again through Ebay, but Ebay indicates that the email address has expired and is unreachable. Yet this ad was placed just last week, so clearly the seller is out there somewhere.

If anyone knows who this seller is and can put me in contact with him/her, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I am a longtime Beatles collector (see Bruce Spizer's books for my name) and my only interest is in purchasing this. In fact, I'll offer a $50 reward to the person who puts me in touch with the owner.

Please email me at ****** if you know who may own this. Their Ebay ad says they are in Sausalito, CA.