The Beatles Come To Town
Pathe News

Beatles Come To Town 1963 Pathe News 16mm Film
eBay Item number: 3808775630

Rare, original, IB Tech/Scope from 1963! This is the earliest color concert film
of the boys and shows a day in their life (20 November 1963). Footage shows
the Beatles at a press conference, in their dressing room, and singing "She Loves You" and "Twist & Shout" at the ABC Ardwick in Manchester. The print is
pretty used with black lines and scratches here and there, but no emulsion
scratches. The film has several splices, but the great color makes up for some
of the wear. Opening and ending Pathe News credits are there, but not the title
"The Beatles Come To Town." This is definately an original copy and rare.
Plastic can and reel. I have added the label to the top of the can. Offered from
one collector to another. No rights given or implied.