Beatles Cartoon

Auctioned on eBay in March 2006



WOW! I dont know where to begin on this one. This is a 16mm color film canister containing the an extremely rare episode of the TV cartoon series called "Beatles Adventures" This is the cartoon series that aired in the late 60's featuring The Beatles as they found themselves in one nutty misadventure after another. Each episode was based around a famous Beatles song and even had a sing along at the end. The film canister has a sticker from King Features which was the company that produced the show so it must be an original. I dont have a 16mm projector so i dont know how it looks but seems to be in good condition. These cartoons were never officially available on VHS or DVD and could have only been seen on TV in the late 60's/early 70s. This episode is #186 "Ticket to Ride" (although the label on the canister says "#177 Eleanor Rigby", i guess the canisters got mixed up at the station). Most stations could only broadcast in black & white at the time so its extra rare to find on of these in color (most stations just transferred it to B&W). Aside from being a great Beatles collectible as is, the film has thousands of great images that could be scanned to make prints, tshirts, posters, etc.