Paul drumming for Jackie Lomax
Apple Studios 11 March 1969
Photographer: Tom Hanley

According to John Winn in his book, Way Beyond Compare, this session produced two Jackie Lomax B-sides, "Thumbin' A Ride" and "Going Back To Liverpool". Both songs were produced by Paul. George Harrison also played guitar on both songs and sang back-up on "Going Back To Liverpool" which he is also credited as co-producer along with Paul. Both of these songs can be found on the Jackie Lomax CD, Is This What You Want?

Note that these photos are likely during rehearsal and not the actual recording. The drums are not mic'd and no one is wearing headphones.

According to photographer, Tom Hanley, "This photograph was taken the night before Paul married Linda. The only reason I can be certain of the date is because shortly after finishing this little ad-lib session with other musicians in the Apple basement studio, Paul walked casully out of the building, bought a ring on the way home and the next day married Linda. Not a word to anyone and we only knew when we read it in the next day's midday editions."


Donovan Leitch appears to be playing keyboards.