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All songs © 2000 Partners In Crime - Sweet Briar (Kira Jones/Chazz Avery)
"Stinkman" © 1996 Endless Joy/Bhagiti Songs (Jay Leyland/Eric Wallack)
"Tomorrow Never Knows" © 1966 EMI Records LTD/ 1996 Apple Corps LTD (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Dalton Brand
1997 - 1998 at WaveBurner Recording Port Clinton, Ohio

Recorded by Chazz Avery
"Stinkman" and "Tomorrow Never Knows" instruments 1997 at Crowded Studio, Port Clinton, Ohio
"Will Work For Love" 1997 at Kira's apartment, Port Clinton, Ohio

Recorded by
Eric Wallack
"Stinkman" 1997 lead guitar at In-My-Closet Studio, Bowling Green, Ohio




Dalton, Kira, Chazz


Mr. Russo
(lyrics & music Kira)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtrs.
Dalton-bass, drum program

Queen B.
(lyrics-Kira, music-Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtrs.
Chazz-acoustic & electric gtrs., bass, drums

(lyrics-Kira, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Chazz-slide gtr., bass
Dalton-percussion, keyboard

Bury Me Under the Moon
(lyrics-Kira, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Chazz-slide gtr., bass, drums

(lyrics & music-Jay Leyland, Eric Wallack)
Eric Wallack-lead gtr.
Chazz-acoustic gtr., bass, drums, keyboard

(lyrics & music-Kira)
John Bernard-acoustic gtr.
Dalton-bass, drums

Who Was Cain's Wife?
(lyrics Chazz & Kira, music-Chazz)
Dalton-the preacher
Chazz-electric & acoustic gtrs., bass, drums, sin

Want It For
(lyrics & music-Chazz)
Kira-harmony vocal
Chazz-vocals, electric gtrs., bass, drums

Will Work For Love
(Lyrics-Kira, music-Chazz)
Chazz-acoustic gtr., bass

April Fool
(lyrics-Chazz, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Chazz-electric gtr., drums
Dalton-bass, percussion

My Elegant Way
(lyrics-Kira, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Chazz-bass, acoustic gtr.

Bug O' Me Bum
(lyrics-Kira, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Chazz-acoustic gtr., bass

Your Little Tune
(lyrics-Kira, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Chazz-electric gtr., bass, drums

Memnoch's Plea
(words-Anne Rice, music-Kira & Chazz)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr, keyboard
Chazz-vocal, acoustic gtr., bass

Set In Stone
(lyrics & music-Kira)
Kira-vocals, acoustic gtr.
Dalton-bass, percussion, keyboard
Bill Stadler- percussion

Tomorrow Never Knows
(lyrics & music-John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
Chazz-vocal, guitars, bass, drums, drum program, keyboards

Front photo - Chazz Avery
Back photo and studio photos - Edna Floretta
rawing - Chazz Avery

Graphic design - Chazz Avery

Thanks to Dalton, Bill, Ben, John, Eric, Edna, Seraph, Nick, Mike, Jerrie, Jay, Ray, Terry,
Anne Rice, The Flaming Lips, all of our friends and John, Paul, George, & Ringo

Kira & Chazz