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Recorded and mixed by Chazz Avery
Produced by Chazz Avery & Kira Jones

2000-2003 at The Womb in Port Clinton, Ohio


"Laughing At My Dog" 1999 on Kira's front porch in Port Clinton, Ohio
with portions recorded at The Boudoir in Oak Harbor, Ohio
Recorded on Worm Mobile Unit

Turn The Bed Down
(a.k.a. "The Sex Song")
kira - vocals, guitar
chazz - double bass
dalton brand - drums

Soundtrack Of My Life
kira - vox, guitar, drums
chazz - guitar, bass

kira - vox, keys
chazz - guitar, percussion, voice

The Down Song
kira - vox, guitar, drums
chazz - guitar, bass, percussion
seraph jordan - giggle

True To Myself
kira - vox
chazz - guitars, bass
bill stadler - drums

Blood On The River
kira - vox, guitar, keys
chazz - vox, drum program
richard repp - mandolin, vox
seraph jordan - vox
edna floretta - vox
corey tamás - vox
rhonda briggs-marinis - vox

kira - vox, guitar, drums, keys
chazz - guitar, bass

Merlot Kisses
kira - vox, guitars, keys
chazz - bass

kira - vox, guitar, keys, drum
chazz - vox, guitar, keys, voice

Lost Night
kira - vox, keys, percussion
chazz - guitar, keys, electric drums

Laughing At My Dog
kira - vox
chazz - guitars, bass, electric drums

The Merciless Consumption Of Nadine
kira - vox
chazz avery - guitars, keys, electric drums
seraph jordan - keys

Please note that "The Merciless Consumption Of Nadine"
is a different mix than the one which appears on
Chazz's Worm Concessions For Sanity album.

Kira Jones & Chazz Avery

Seraph Jordan

Edna Floretta

Rhonda Briggs-Marinis

Dalton Brand
Richard Repp

Corey Tamás
Bill Stadler

Photos by Edna Floretts, Seraph Jordan, Chazz Avery & unknown
Layout and graphic design by Chazz Avery